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      Category: Medical Advice

      Medical Advice, Personal Journey, Wellness

      Endo Myths Cracked

      By Trellis
      March is National Endometriosis Awareness month and we’d like to clear up some rumors you may have heard, or not heard, about endo. This condition burdens many women and often goes undiagnosed. Early on in our womanly lives, we are told that cramps just hurt and essentially, life goes on. It’s likely every woman has […]
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      Medical Advice

      Cramps or endo?

      By Trellis
      Although our periods definitely have a pretty magical, unifying, sisterhood quality that makes us feel connected to the moon and our best friends, or that girl at work you are totally in sync with, we are all still aware that at least once in a while, it sucks. Or actually, for some, it might feel […]
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      Egg Freezing Process, Medical Advice

      How do I prep for the egg retrieval process?

      By Trellis
      We know you’re a woman with a plan. Making the decision to freeze your eggs isn’t one you make overnight. You’ve meditated on it in yoga classes, talked with every friend and family member, maybe even recruited the help of a therapist to really flush out your thoughts. Not to mention, by the time you’re […]
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      Medical Advice, Personal Journey, Wellness

      How much weight does your BMI carry when it comes to fertility?

      By Trellis
      Thank goodness for the influencers, celebrities, and artists who are empowering women with the message of body positivity—honestly, it’s about time. It’s also why having a conversation with your doctor about your BMI almost feels like a step back from being uplifting and empowering, even when it comes to your fertility. If you’re a woman […]
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