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      Category: Egg Freezing Process

      Egg Freezing Process, Personal Journey, Wellness

      Why Self Care is especially important during the Egg Freezing process

      By Trellis
      These days, Self Care is basically a buzzword. You probably hear it on a Friday night with friends while sharing your daily stresses. Your supportive crew will likely be quick to suggest it, “Girl, you deserve some you time.” Self care is good—it’s probably one of our favorite trends right now (that and sparkling water; […]
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      Egg Freezing Process, Medical Advice

      How do I prep for the egg retrieval process?

      By Trellis
      We know you’re a woman with a plan. Making the decision to freeze your eggs isn’t one you make overnight. You’ve meditated on it in yoga classes, talked with every friend and family member, maybe even recruited the help of a therapist to really flush out your thoughts. Not to mention, by the time you’re […]
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      Egg Freezing Process, Trellis Updates

      What to Make of AMH Testing...

      By Trellis
      Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) testing is gaining a reputation as the magical test that can figure out your ovarian reserve and therefore determine your likelihood of being able to conceive. Depending on whether a score is low or high can have women kicking off their shoes and pouring themselves a celebratory cocktail or send them into […]
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      Doctors, Egg Freezing Process, Medical Advice

      Egg Quality vs. Quantity - What's the Diff?

      By Trellis
      When it comes to fertility you might have heard about that ticking clock that we are supposedly all racing against. It’s that throbbing pain in the back of your head that you’d really like to drown out with a glass of red wine in the tub. This stigma can be frustrating to deal with because […]
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