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      Category: Egg Freezing News

      Egg Freezing News, Personal Journey, Wellness

      What even is PCOS?

      By Trellis
      At Trellis, we know that PCOS is a leading cause of infertility in women. We also know that it’s not only challenging to diagnose, but it’s also challenging to manage and can take an emotional toll. For September, PCOS Awareness Month, we wanted to focus on this condition since it affects over five million people […]
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      Egg Freezing News, Personal Journey

      Unofficial Symptoms of PCOS

      By Trellis
      Women with PCOS face all kinds of potential symptoms and struggles, and while poor self-image isn’t on the list of symptoms on WebMD, it is often paired with the condition. September is PCOS Awareness Month and if you haven’t heard of PCOS we recommend you read about it on our blog <here>. The condition messes […]
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      Egg Freezing News

      Food for Thought: How Diet Can Impact PCOS

      By Trellis
      When you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS, your cycle can feel like a constant guessing game. And if you’ve been on the pill for years like many of us (*raises hand*), it can be even harder to understand what’s going on with your hormones and get them under control. Yep, we were all there in Sex […]
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      Doctors, Egg Freezing News, Medical Advice

      What's the difference? OBGYN vs REI

      By Trellis
      Let’s talk about women’s reproductive health for a minute. For some, going to see your OB/GYN for an annual exam might give you that feeling of seeing the dentist; you know its good for you, but you’d sometimes rather not. We hear you loud and clear, it’s no fun and if you throw in issues […]
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