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      Why Self Care is especially important during the Egg Freezing process

      By Trellis

      These days, Self Care is basically a buzzword. You probably hear it on a Friday night with friends while sharing your daily stresses. Your supportive crew will likely be quick to suggest it, “Girl, you deserve some you time.”

      Self care is good—it’s probably one of our favorite trends right now (that and sparkling water; we could make millions off recycled cans). However, we want to take a moment and put meaning back into the phrase because it’s possible you’ve heard it so much it’s lost its impact.

      Self Care can definitely mean and look like the little things (we’ll give some suggestions on that later) but it’s also about being aware of what your needs are. Your method of self care might be different than hers, or theirs, or ours. This stuff is deep, way under all those coats and scarves you tuck your chin under when you walk briskly from the subway to work on a cold windy morning. It takes some effort to peel off the layers and incorporate self love in a way that’s meaningful and specific to you.


      First and foremost

      Embrace what you’re feeling. Only you can know what you’re experiencing. Also, it’s not totally unlikely that you’ve been hustling so hard that you haven’t had the chance to really hear what your heart is saying. Pause, anywhere. On the train home, on a walk, or pause right now where you sit and close your eyes. Take an exhale and ask “What do I feel?” Start there because you won’t know what you need until you discover what you’re missing. Don’t dismiss what you feel either, just see it, call it by it’s name, and then decide what would help nurture you in that moment. “I feel anxious. I need peace. Taking a quick walk will help me feel peace.” Then take a walk.

      Okay, so we’ve got that out of the way, right? The self care we’re suggesting is significant and it’s made just for you in the moment you need it. Great. So here are some ideas, just a few kickstarters to help you think of your own unique way to practice self care today, during the egg freezing process, and every day after.


      Wait, why is it important during egg freezing?

      Well, self care is always important. It’s a good practice to establish because it helps manage stress, gives you the opportunity for self reflection, and offers you moments of uplifting clarity.

      When you are going through the egg freezing process, a lot of emotions and reactions can show up for you. Incorporating practices that fall under the category of “self care” tend to have a grounding, calming effect.

      Self care is a positive habit to create but sometimes it involves more than a bubble bath or treat-yo-self afternoons. When it comes to freezing your eggs we, at Trellis, are no strangers to the fact that this can be a really challenging time for you on multiple levels. Even if your reaction to medications and treatment is mild, the decision comes with its own weight.

      That’s why during the process, beginning to end, we feel it is imperative for you take care of yourself and your needs even more than usual.


      Lean into healthy relationships

      Whether it’s your best friend, significant other, your mom, dad, co-worker, cousin, grandma, or therapist, we encourage you to allow them to be there for you during this time. Remind yourself that it’s okay if you need to flush out your thoughts with your mom during your commute, have movie nights with your girls once a week, or create a group text with your favorite people that uses an excessive amount of gifs. Whatever your method, look to the people who care about you, and look to them as often as you need.


      Use your resources

      While we wouldn’t suggest going down the WebMD rabbit hole (there’s never anything good down there) we do have a pretty awesome staff of experts who can answer your questions and smooth out your concerns. Write down your questions before appointments with your nurse or doctor, look to our on-staff fertility coach, and if you think of anything between visits that needs a quick answer, you can always get a hold of us. We’ll also be sure, when the time is right, to connect you with external resources like your pharmacist who can answer more specific questions you might have as they come up. Our intention is to give you comfort and power through accessible knowledge.


      Buy yourself something small each day

      It’s not always about treating yourself to a full spa day (even though those are just the absolute best). Small things like $3 sheet masks, a fresh single stem flower for your desk, an evening with no phone and your favorite book, getting a croissant with your morning coffee, wearing bold lipstick and hoop earrings for no reason, or spending a full Saturday with the curtains closed and a Netflix binge can sometimes be exactly what the doctor ordered. Get creative and sweep yourself off your own feet with loving care each day of the week. No act of self-love is too small.


      Give yourself the gift of time

      Why is it that whenever we need time the most, we seem to be running short on it? “I just don’t have the time! Not even one second!” It’s the absolute worst, have you even had time to breathe today? (If not, take a breath right now.) When you catch yourself saying you don’t have time, that’s a good signal to immediately carve five minutes out of your day and offer it to yourself. Pack it up and put a little bow on it— it’s your gift from you to you. It’s an appointment you can’t miss or reschedule; you don’t have time to miss this gift of time. Spend the five minutes how you wish. Lie horizontal across your bed staring at the ceiling, meditate, stretch at your desk or on the floor, or listen to a song all the way through. Turn on the Spice Girls and dance. Whatever you want to do is perfect, it’s your time.


      Self care and self love is an ongoing practice and it’s not something you are going to nail overnight. You might have to try a few different methods and you might have to periodically switch them up. Do what you can to manage your stress, stay grounded, and offer yourself the time and respect you so willingly offer others—you are worthy of it.

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