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      Trellis, a Framework For Your Fertility and Health

      By Trellis

      Wow, hi. The time has finally come for us to meet, and we’re so excited. Some of you might have landed here because the Google gods did their job, and you are most certainly in need of a fertility resource. You have questions, you have needs, and you desire support. But we suspect some of you have arrived here confused, uncertain of whether you need guidance in your child planning or what that could even look like. You may be distraught, you may be jubilant, but one thing we know is this is one of the most intimate, most terrifying, and most emotional topics in a woman’s life. Let’s take a deep breath here and honor that, yeah?

      Trellis exists: because we have no doubt in our minds nor hearts of this: we all deserve a strong support system to help us create a life full of possibilities, and to possibly create life itself. And yet, what those life-giving possibilities are and how to navigate them is like visiting a foreign land for many of us. Where to begin, how to even get there, what language does one speak upon arrival, and what to wear?! Our options for family planning and fertility wellness are not well-tread, mainstream topics. Most of us are not standing in line at the coffee shop discussing how many eggs we have left, and few of us are discussing this in private either. We’re changing this, shifting this topic into cultural overdrive. We’re your women’s fertility and egg freezing studio – the first of our kind. We are your fertility fanatics and one-and-only wellness resource for the topic.

      Our story: starts with Superwoman with a capital “S”, Shannon Delage, our founder. A consumer healthcare veteran and woman navigating her own fertility challenges, Shannon was inspired by her own doctor and her experience working with topnotch labs and sought-after fertility specialists. She recognized that these resources are not available to everyone – or really many at all – and should be, particularly far sooner in life. Are you thinking ‘sooner’ – why? Yes, this is an unfortunate fact for women: many of us do not consider our potentiality for child-bearing until the time has struck half past almost too late. No one tells us when we’re young that fertility is a gift, not a given. At best, some of us are peppered with vague mentions of birth control options and a brief “chat” about safety and annual check-ups in our youth. We’re just happy to share our story has become reality – your reality, really: Trellis is here – a place where state-of-the-art egg freezing science meets fertility-focused wellness. Ok, but what does that mean? How does it work?


      There are a few concepts that unanimously guide us and drive us.

      1. 1:1 Support. Beginning with your first visit, you’ll be paired with a Fertility Coach who will be with you every step of the way, no matter what happens. If you’re down with daily check-ins, then so is your Fertility Coach.
      2. Integrated Wellness. Enhancing your fertility starts with your day-to-day lifestyle. Whether you freeze your eggs with us, we still believe every woman should be armed with some basic information for a fertile-healthy life. We work with you to make lifestyle changes where needed and provide much-needed support for these shifts. Change can be challenging. We get it. We totally support you in it.
      3. Photogenic studio. These are intimate and emotional terrains we’re traversing together. Our spaces reflect us and our excitement for the work we do. With a juice bar and a modern workspace, we want you to feel inspired during your egg freezing journey. Come by, meet with our fertility specialists, bring a friend to enjoy a juice, or just work quietly in our vibrant studio. You don’t have to decide anything today.
      4. Celebrating you. This is big. You’re planning for a future you envision, one you desire. Sometimes it’s not easy. Your courage should and will be celebrated here! When we begin this journey together, you instantly become part of a sisterhood of smart, passionate women who are all, in turn, defining their own family planning choices.
      5. Medical expertise. Trellis is a division of IntegraMed Fertility, the largest network of fertility clinics in North America. This gives us access to top-tier fertility specialists, scientific advances, and proven cryostorage (don’t worry, we’ll delve into this). In New York City, we’re proud to partner with SIRM NY, led by Dr. Drew Tortoriello, medical director and an award-winning fertility specialist.

      So, if you’re like some of us once were, you might have presumed egg freezing isn’t something that requires so much preparation. Sure, one must make an appointment, become informed on the process, and financially plan for the procedure. This is plenty to ponder, but it doesn’t require coaching nor a team of experts…does it? Most young women are taught we’re fertilizing eggs every month, so retrieval of something our body automatically generates should be so simple, right? The answer is as inherently complicated as the question that precedes it. This is why our team of experts created a truly integrative system that puts wellness at the zenith of its methodology. This includes nutrition, counseling, and family planning.

      We live by the credo “information is power”. Yep, a great deal of reproductive possibility is numbers and genetics based. Some is out of our hands. And sure, while statistically it’s harder for a woman to get pregnant with every passing year, she has some options. Part of our revolutionary approach is focusing on fertile-friendly lifestyle education and planning. Wellness is so much more than a pressed juice and occasional yoga class. It is a state of personalized optimal health, and it can’t be achieved with a one-size-fits-all protocol. You’re special, and so is the approach to your health.

      So, here’s to empowered decision making. Go ahead – bookmark this page as your go-to resource for fertility-related information and source of support on your potential reproductive journey!


      Your Trellis Team


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