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      Through Her Eyes: Taylor

      By Trellis

      For Taylor Farmer, life has been less than predictable. Born in Paris, raised in the British school system, Taylor is no stranger to adventure or loss. Living her life on her toes has given her a unique perspective on her fertility. “I don’t want to look back at my life and wonder if there was something I could have done.” Taylor has worked on maximizing her choices because she knows how varied life can be and is passionate about encouraging this opportunity for others. She also is passionate about debunking the myth that egg freezing is only for women who have run out of time, or for women who have poor relationships with men. To her, it’s just about being ready—whatever that means for any individual.

      When her sister-in-law passed away this earlier this year, Taylor felt the significance of every moment, especially when it came to spending time with her widowed brother and her niece and nephew. I am 100% devoted to these kids. My free time needs to be devoted to that. As for having my own life, I dont have the time to date, but I havent given up on men. In short, right now isn’t the best time for her to be in the dating world. Still, she knows that the clock is ticking when it comes to having kids.  So for Taylor, it’s about covering her bases, giving herself options, and being willing to roll with life’s punches.


      Trellis: If you could accomplish anything, no restrictions, what would it be?

      Taylor: I would like to be the best role model for my nephew and niece, especially my niece. Girls can do anything, nothing can hold us back. There are no limitations for women and we have to seize the day because every single day is a gift.


      Trellis: Why was it important to you to freeze your eggs?

      Taylor: I’ve seen so much insanity and flux in my life and change can happen very, very quickly. I want to give myself as much possibility as I humanly can. Today I can’t say if I do or if I don’t want to have kids; but what I can say is that my life is diverted with a family crisis and that right now I’m not going to have a baby. But I realize with the statistics that it might be tricky later down the line. I want to give myself options.


      Trellis: What were some challenges you faced with the process?

      Taylor: (Laughs) So, to get my hormones, I had them delivered to the office because they had to be refrigerated — not realizing it was going to take up every shelf in the fridge (laughs). It was funny and I had to explain myself because there’s no getting around it.


      Trellis: What is your favorite self-care” routine?

      Taylor: I make these skulls. I cover them in beads and glitter and wacky stuff. I go on these long-distance hikes. I play the cello and piano. I see my nephew and niece and we do a lot of art projects.


      Trellis: Whats your own little nugget of advice for women thinking about freezing their eggs?

      Taylor: Why not? Why would you limit yourself if there’s an option like this?

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