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      Through Her Eyes: Devin

      By Trellis

      To Devin, planning ahead is a form of self-care.  While Devin doesn’t necessarily know if she wants to have children, she does want to give herself options in the future. She’s currently living a happy, contented life with a successful career & friends at Barry’s Bootcamp. She decided to freeze her eggs not from a place of discontentment, but from a place of love for her future self.

      Devin’s career with Barry’s Bootcamp has brought her more than just a normal job might. Her co-workers are like family to her. Having such an ideal work environment can almost be a double-edged sword.  “There’s always something to do, She explains, “I’m in an industry that doesn’t shut off, in a city that doesn’t shut off. She mentions how making time for herself has been essential in being able to keep pushing forward, and is an active part of her self-care, “You have to find your own on\off.

      It’s clear when Devin talks, that she’s very much about living in the present. She sees her life in all of its greatness but still with a vision for her future. As she put it herself, “I wake up every day super happy. When you’re not unhappy, it can be hard to be proactive about something like that—To ensure that future happiness.


      Trellis: How do you spend your free time?

      Devin: Two of our core values [at Barry’s] are family and fun. The people at work really have become my family. We love spending time together in a really genuine way. Going out for drinks, dinner, watching reality TV.


      Trellis: Why was it important to you to freeze your eggs?

      Devin: I’m 36 and not in a relationship. I don’t wake up every day longing to be a mother, but I also wanted to take an active stance to preserve that option later in life whether I meet someone or not. I was home one day and asked myself “what am I waiting for?” I just came across the website for Trellis and thought it looked really beautiful. It looked community and experience-driven which were important to me. I’d hate to get older and look back and think, “I didn’t even try.”


      Trellis: Was there anyone at work that was part of the process?

      Devin: Everyone in the whole office! There was so much support. It became a family affair. One of the first people I told was our CEO and he was super supportive. One of my friends was with me the day of retrieval, took me home, stayed all day with me on the couch.


      Trellis: What were some challenges you faced with the process?

      Devin: It was more mental strength than anything else. It does require mental strength when you do it alone, even if you have support. It’s [egg freezing] more self -guided and self-motivated. For the first time in your life you are the one administering your medicine and no one is going to make you do it.


      Trellis: What’s your own little nugget of advice for women interested in pursuing egg freezing?

      Devin: That knowledge is power. Find out what’s going on in your body.

      The one thing that was hard was the recovery from the actual retrieval. Be prepared to feel awful for four days. The more successful it is, the harder the recovery. You can take relief in knowing it was successful, but definitely prepare to take your time to recover from it. Your body has just done something pretty amazing, and it just needs time to rest after.

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