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      How do I prep for the egg retrieval process?

      By Trellis

      We know you’re a woman with a plan. Making the decision to freeze your eggs isn’t one you make overnight. You’ve meditated on it in yoga classes, talked with every friend and family member, maybe even recruited the help of a therapist to really flush out your thoughts. Not to mention, by the time you’re ready for your retrieval, you will already have had a few weeks of talking with your doctor, taking hormone shots, tests, and frequent visits. You’ve also probably read every inch of our website and fallen deep into the rabbit hole of google search a few times. By now, you’re an absolute Girl Scout and you deserve your badge and bridging ceremony— no doubt. Even so, we understand that sometimes you just can’t feel prepared enough, especially with a procedure that carries a lot significance.

      Your doctor is going to tell you a lot of the details as to how the egg retrieval procedure will work and what to expect when you come in for your appointment. This is a list we tossed together so that even after you’ve met with your doctor for what feels like the billionth time, you can still run through this little list of Dos and Don’ts and earn your badge in extra-preparedness.



      Wear something comfortable.

      • Maybe even something easy to change in and out of, but most importantly something that helps you feel at ease. Throw on your favorite yoga pants or sweatpants and a flowy T-shirt or sweatshirt. You can even get some fun, colorful socks to wear around the studio.


      Arrive early.

      • Make sure you get there a little early for any last minute paperwork. Also, this is kind of for your peace of mind. There’s nothing worse than something going wrong on the commute and feeling stressed because you’re running and out of breath into the studio. Get up a little earlier, read a book, meditate, listen to a podcast, stroll to the subway for an earlier train and do all you can to prevent stress today.


      Arrange a ride home or someone to escort you.

      • No, your Uber driver doesn’t count. You’re going to need to ask your mom, your friend, your roommate, your boyfriend, girlfriend, significant other, your sister, your co-worker, kindered spirit, or Jon Bon Jovi. Either way, get someone to take you home, safely. Remember when you got your wisdom teeth removed and you kept telling people how pretty they were? Yeah, well, you’re going to feel a little groggy and need a little help. Just tell your BFF/Bon Jovi not to put your loopy conversations on YouTube.


      Expect to be at the studio for a few hours.

      • Even though the actual retrieval process only takes about 20-30 minutes, there are a lot of happenings before and after. Our staff will also want to monitor you for a bit after the proceedure before they release you to your Bon Jovi.


      Wear full coverage underwear.

      • A little spotting after the procedure is normal. If you’re worried about it, you can even throw on a panty liner.


      Bring fluids for after.

      • By the time you’re done, it will have been several hours since your last meal and drink. Bring water or even coconut water for after to replenish. Bonus if it’s in a water bottle with a reusable straw or if it’s one of those fancy no spill Camelbak ones so Bon Jovi can help you take sippy-sips in your Uber. We’ll also have water for you in case you forget!



      Eat or drink about 8-10 hours before

      • You’ll want to come in with an empty stomach. Be sure to plan out when your last meal will be so you don’t come in starving and side-eyeing someone else’s Luna Bar on the subway. Stay clear of all snacks, food, and drink for that 8-10 hour window (or whatever your doctor says).


      Wear Deodorant or scents.

      • Au Naturel when you go in. It’s a cleanliness thing and another surgical standard. Save the fragrances for your luxurious shower the day after and put the beauty routine on hold (you’re gorgous anyway).


      Party the night before

      • Girl, don’t do it. Celebrate before you start the whole process if you gotta or better yet, wait until a few days after! Going through the egg freezing process can be incredibly exciting and it’s definitely something to revel in. Just be sure you’re sticking to the whole no eating 8-10 hours before rule. Also, drinking is not a friend to fertility. Not drinking is actually part of the hormone injection process, so you should already be staying away from alcohol. You can make it one more day. Take a bath the night before and nix the wine and purfumed bubbles. Light some candles, listen to a meditation, and send out positive vibes for yourself before you go to bed. That’s the way to celebrate.


      Neglect self-care time

      • Truly, we’re passionate about this one so forgive us if we get on a soap box a little. We know those hormone shots can feel cruel even though they’re doing your eggs good. Your emotions have probably been all over the place the past few weeks and you really feel weird crying in that coffee shop when the barista asked how your day was. The truth is, even if you feel right about your decision you’re also likely dealing with real, justified feelings—feelings that might have been up and down since you first started down this road. It’s totally normal on the day of (and the night before) to really feel the impact of all this. So slow things down as much as you can. Be with yourself and send yourself all kinds of love in your favorite ways. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy yourself flowers, go for a walk, or eat a fresh orange while reading an interesting article; it doesn’t have to be elaborate. Just do what you need moment to moment. Self-care x100.


      Also, it’s never too late to ask us one more question and there’s no question too lame to ask. Give us a call or send us a message <> and we’ll do our best to get you an answer.

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