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      Doctor Approved Activities When You’re Going Through Egg Freezing

      By Trellis

      Ah yes, for many the limitations on exercise and certain activities in the preparation for egg retrieval are an unpleasant aspect of this decision. This period of limiting some activities generally lasts about 6-8 weeks. A small chunk of time in the grand scheme of it all. Moving our bodies, sweating, producing endorphins, having fun is important – we’re with you – and the intention is not to take your precious me-time away from you. So, here’s the deal: for just this period, you are taking medications to stimulate your ovaries. This means your ovaries will enlarge and overall are experiencing a lot of change. It’s important to protect them and avoid anything high impact, strenuous or stressful. Egg freezing is your investment and your move towards a future you desire, so it is best to be gentle and not take chances with your health.

      The great news is – there are plenty of mind/body and entertaining activities to indulge in that are gentle, low impact, and pure fun. Following are some of these Trellis-approved activities and suggestions while going through the egg retrieval lead-up.

      Infrared Saunas:

      Access to infrared saunas is increasingly more abundant in remotely urban areas. Some gyms, spas, and even private residences now have them. Infrared saunas use light to create heat, generally somewhere between 120˚F and 140˚F. Saunas are great exercise alternatives, as they elicit similar outcomes, like copious amounts of sweat and increased heart rates. Some of the other reported benefits of infrared saunas are: clear skin, detoxification, and better sleep. Sounds much like a solid exercise session, no?

      Meditation Groups/Classes:

      Exercise not only burns calories but also releases euphoric-feeling chemicals. It also tends to quiet and focus the mind. Meditation won’t get you good and sweaty, but there’s nothing like it for the mind-clearing and centering aspects. If it’s a social experience of meditation you crave, many yoga studios and gyms offer group classes, and there are meditation-specific centers in most urban areas. There are also countless tools online, like Headspace or tutorials on YouTube. 

      At-home concerts:

      Attending a concert or noisy event is not prohibited during this process. We want to be clear on that! However, in the name of taking care of your body while there are hormonal changes going on to gear up for the egg retrieval, noise pollution can be a bit brutal. There are several experiential websites, like Sofar Sounds, that offer streaming concerts to be enjoyed from your favorite perch in your home. If you love live music, this might be a fun way to enjoy it for a short spell.

      Take up a new hobby:

      As long as it isn’t exercise, what a great time to sign up for a class you’ve been dreaming of taking! Perhaps you want to be a better cook? Have you dreamed of making your own ceramic coffee mugs and planters? Always wanted to understand astrology better? Is speaking a foreign language calling to you? As you probably know, there are countless classes online and likely in your area as well. During this brief time when anything strenuous must be eliminated and rest is paramount, consider using your potential extra time to start or reconnect with a hobby of your choosing.

      Long Walks:
      More good news! Brisk walking (no, not running) is a highly suggested way to stay connected to your body and movement during the egg retrieval lead-up. Brisk walking can help you still maintain a healthy weight, improve mood, strengthen your body, and aid you in experiencing that feel good clarity and focus.

      Should you have any other questions, please reach out to us anytime at info@trellishealth.com



      Your Trellis Family


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