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      Before You Freeze: Playing 20 Questions With Your Doctor

      By Trellis

      Something we promote the most here at Trellis is asking questions, lots of them. For some of us though, even formulating questions is a challenging process. All some of us know is that we don’t know much about the topic of egg freezing, but we’ve been led to this exploratory process for likely many reasons – many deeply personal reasons.

      Following are questions you can mostly find answers to across our website, blog series, or FAQs, but we suggest asking your doctor and/or Fertility Coaches these questions face to face, so that you are TRULY satisfied with the answers and your understanding of them. The relationship you forge with your fertility team will become an intimately important one.

      In no specific order of importance or priority, following is our suggestion for a rousing game of “20 questions” with your doctor.

      • How should I prepare for my first visit to the fertility clinic?
      • How much of a time commitment is this for all of the doctor’s appointments and injections?
      • Are there major risks I should consider?
      • How many eggs should I expect to receive?
      • What is my overall viability (Ovarian Reserve)?
      • What is my AMH score and what does it mean?
      • How many eggs do you suggest I need to bank to have a child?
      • What medications am I taking and what is each one doing?
      • How long will I be on medicine before the retrieval? Where do the injections go?
      • Any possible side effects from my other current medications?
      • Why are you changing my medicine?
      • How does my ultrasound look?
      • What is your clinic’s and/or your personal success rate in egg thawing?
      • What is your clinic’s and/or your personal success rate in fertilization of frozen eggs?
      • What are my costs? Will my insurance cover any of this?
      • What are your storage fees?
      • What can I expect the day of the retrieval and how to plan for it?
      • What if I don’t need all my eggs?
      • Where are my eggs stored?
      • What do I need to do if and when I want to use my eggs?

      An additional suggestion: connect with egg freezing and fertility support groups online: get multiple accounts of experiences, symptoms, before and after descriptions, etc. Several can be found by searching online and via social media, and we’ll soon be sharing a round-up of fertility forums we love.

      Your Trellis Family


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